Stormy in Danger!

Stormy has accused her former husband of stalking her and her current fiancée. The best part?

[Ex-husband] Mosny and Daniels have a history of domestic violence — back in 2009, when they still lived together, the porn star was arrested for battery … after allegedly attacking Mosny over the way he did the laundry.

This is precisely why I don’t complain when, on the rare occasion I do the laundry, my girlfriend refolds things. I don’t want to be punched.

Porn Star Stormy Daniels – I’m Being Terrorized By My Ex [TMZ]

Stormy is an apt name for her.

To be honest, I’d still rather marry Stormy than any Kardashians.

@ManchuCandidate: If for no other reason than to never have to hang out with all the other Kardashians.

I must say I’m troubled by her eyebrows.

But I’m totally with the laundry attack. I’ve often had to speak harshly to the staff on this very topic.

I’m wondering what she battered him with.

You Str8s. It’s all about the spooge in the eye.

Nice of Stinque to do the occasional pander to the straight Stinquers. Next time around I request that find a story on Serena Williams. Because I am a fan of Sport for Women. (Don’t hate me.)

@blogenfreude: Remembering that set of photos with fondness. Yes, that’s the word I’ll use. “Fondness.”

Stormy’s 30 but looks 50 in her mug shot. It’s a hard life.

@matador1015: I’ll post some “Women of the IDF” linques for Hanukkah.

@Dudes: Throw a couple or few pillows under a booty, and you’ll know of what Matador speaks. Nice angle that, if your goin’ all vanilla like. Also good for grippin’ (pillows won’t help ya there) iffin yinz going all pug like… ;-)

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