Sometimes We Just Fall to Our Knees, Raise Our Hands to the Heavens, and Proclaim, “There Is a God!”

“Donald Trump is pairing up with Newsmax, the conservative magazine and news Web site, to moderate a presidential debate in Des Moines on Dec. 27.” [NYT]


Getting that phony insane sack of shit to moderate a debate? Oh, and Donald Trump’s pretty shitty too.

This is why God gave us TVs.

This is why I get out of bed in the morning at 6. Apart from the pugs licking my face.

This is why fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly.

This is why clay grew tall (prize for spotting the reference. Yes it is of a sexual nature).

This is why Santa put a rainbow on top of the Christmas tree.

This is why Cheyenne posted those pics online.

This is why God made Dog.

You know what this is? It’s a Christmas Miracle! That we should be alive in such a time is rare enough. To be able to reach the booze shelf as the Donald is Moderating© is very heaven.

I’ve been in weeding hell the past few days. We have been blitzed here in Cuomostan with ravishing weather: warm, crisp, dazzling, changeable light. Last night we enjoyed the first hard frost which left the park west of us bedazzled when I was there this AM with the boys. As Winter, like Mittens, is getting its Magic Underpants on.

I’ve been consumed with trying to get all the flower beds (Centre; Front; Side; Triangle; Back; Near; Far; Pond) weeded and ready for snows to come. Hot Tree Guy was here with his crew of sultry spankable bad boys and left me a big pile of mulch. We love mulch. Almost as much as Hot Tree Guy. For the sake of expedience I invited him inside to hand him his cheque from the shower where I am enjoying a relaxing stream of hot water but he insists on staying outside. I think he might be allergic to pugs.

For the English, weeding is like sex: nobody likes it but you’ve got to do it at least once or twice a year. You can’t employ anyone else to do it as they won’t do it the way you like. The way mummy would do it. So you get through it as quickly as possible and hope your back doesn’t give out.

Mulch is beauty.

To this point I have not watched a GOP presidential debate. In fact, I have avoided them altogether. But this shitshow? I may have to watch.

@blogenfreude: I don’t think stuffing Donald Trump into the “debate” clown car with the other “candidates” is going to make it any more watchable. The Donald is not on my list of must-see TV.

Unlike the first eight minutes of last night’s Daily Show. I don’t mean just for the cute kitten.

@blogenfreude: This is like Judy at the Palace. In years to come you will be able to boast to your offspring: I was there: I saw this: it defied reason. Which is, admittedly, not quite the same as with Judy since most of her auditors did not have offspring. They had boyfriends.

@blogenfreude: The chief benefit of watching all the debates is gauging just how large Obama’s landslide will be next fall.

And between the debates and the Fox interview this week, I have Mitt’s number: He’s Jerry Lundegaard. Never mind the flip-flopping — that act won’t play nationally. He’s fundamentally squeamish, which doesn’t inspire confidence.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Or he saw Rufus and had a Senior Moment.

Wait — I’m not supposed to know about Rufus, am I?

@ Nojo: You are SOOOO busted. But who doesn’t know about Rufus?

Oh and your Dux crushed Dodger’s Uklah kids in powder blue. So sad for him when the plane from China lands at SFO in a few hours and he turns on his phone/iPad.

@SanFranLefty: First time I heard about the Judy tribute, I thought “Loudon has a son?”

@nojo: See now, that’s the only way I could figure out who you all were talking about. “Dead squirrel in the middle of the road” and all that.

Who the hell is Rufus?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: What’s funny is that, as a child, I saw her at the Dominion Tottenham Court Road and completely forgot about it till a few years ago when I realized that the funny lady I saw singing We’re a Couple of Swells was Judy. I also kind of remember her sitting on the edge of the stage to sing Over the Rainbow.

I think it explains a lot of things, don’t you?

@Benedick: One measure of a successful life is how close it brought you to Saint Judy. Physically or otherwise.

Rufus Wainright darling. Is he not your cup of tea? I used to see him all over when I lived in NYC. He’s adorable.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: He’s OK. Apart from the silly copy of the C Hall concert (is it?)

A good buddy of mine was in the revival of Annie Get Your Gun with Merman who liked to drink with him. One night she threw a big party for the cast, my buddy stayed late but eventually went home. As he got inside the phone was ringing and it was Merman telling him to get back, that a friend of hers was there who needed to be cheered up. He returned to Merman’s and found Garland. So the three of them sat up drinking and bullshitting all night. My buddy said he found himself sitting between the two women thinking “What a waste. I’m not even gay!”

Noje gets that way about Sarah Brightman.

@SanFranLefty: OK, so the Dead Skunk guy has a gay kid. So?

Fun fact: Springsteen, supposedly the co-writer of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” only wrote the line “Because the night belongs to lovers.” Arista and her producer gave that line to Patti to see if she could get a single out of it.

@redmanlaw: Wait, is that true? If so, I learned something useful today, and it’s only 4:30 AM.

Ever read “Hit Men” about the record industry and their producers. It explains a lot.

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