Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Shiksas

Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption — which by wacky coincidence is the title of our next horror movie — is running ads and billboards in five American cities, targeting Israeli expat communities at risk of going native. We’d translate, but why spoil the fun?

Netanyahu Government Suggests Israelis Avoid Marrying American Jews [Atlantic, via Sully]

Uh, oh… somebody better let Bill O’Reilly know that Benjamin Netanyahu just declared war on Christmas.

@redmanlaw: great story. i once read that hitler didn’t think america would worry too much about how he treated the jews because of the way america treated the american indians. hitler read westerns by a german author, karl may who created an apache chief named winnetou. adolph told his his commados like otto skorzeny that they should emulate winnetou. i’m sure being told to act like a fictional character instilled alot of confidence. but that’s not uncommon among right wingers. sounds like a second remake of the glorious bastards featuring american indians is due. maybe sgt fury could have a cameo in this one as well.

My current gentleman caller is a member of the Tribe. I am shiksa, hear me roar!

Wow. Preserve the Jewish Master Race? Really?

Like Mel Brooks once said, “We mock the thing we are to be.”

Those grandparents should remember that kids their grandduaghter’s age love to say things for shock value. I wish she would have said “Kwanzaa!”

@flippin eck: Have him buy you a copy of Leo Rosten’s “The Joys Of Yiddish.” Catt may have one, he throws around the mamaloshen pretty good.

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