Big Numbers Like 1 and 2 Confuse His Pretty Head

Proving yet again the truth of the comment often attributed to Molly Ivins that “Perry is Shrub without the gravitas or intelligence,” and/or that there’s no age limit on stupidity, at a town hall meeting Tuesday at a New Hampshire college, Gov. Good Hair asked all the college students who will turn 21 by 11/12/12 to vote for him.

In his defense, it’s only been 40 years since the 26th Amendment was adopted.  Oh shit, more numbers!


No biggie. He’s confusing the voting age with the drinking age. An interesting slip though not a surprising one. I did it myself when I was being water boarded by the CIA interviewed for my citizenship. The immigration official – they were all terrific so far as I was concerned – had the grace to laugh when I gave him the Perry version.

Listen, I want funner Republican candidates. Srsly. I’m tired of this bunch. I want Orly Taitz and Inhofe. I think he’d make an awesome candidate for the Leader of the Free World. And Louis Gohmert! I love him! They could have a big wheel and spin to select questions posed by leading lights of the Heritage Foundation. There could be free spins and bonus rounds instead of all the endless yap about border fences. There could be a lightning round to see who would bomb Iran on the least provocation. Call me a dreamer but I say we deserve better debates.

i stopped watching after the 2nd debate. they are not making me laugh anymore, just making me more sad. but i have what?14 to go? wtf.
oooh, orly would bring me back, but she can’t run. not born here, i forget the name of the planet she comes from. shame. moldavia isn’t it? i know she received her dentistry training at hebrew university in israel…which reminds me to tell you israel is 6 years away from distributing the vaccine that kills cancer, so naturally, as we speak, is ducking rocket fire in the northern area.
in funner political news, they finally took a bite out of our former prime minister in the T&C–he’s out on 36 million dollars bail…. so many assholes in so many countries.

@Benedick: He also got the date of the election wrong (it’s Nov. 6, 2012), and while 99.9% of AmeriKKKuns either don’t know that or couldn’t figure it out with the assistance of a calendar, he is appearing in TeeVee and radio ads and endless debates about how on election day 2012 the real Americans will take the U!S!A! back from Kenyan Mooslem socialist neeeegros. Talibunny would at least write 11/6/12 on her hand.

@Benedick: “He’s confusing the voting age with the drinking age.” Just what I was thinking.
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback got a lesson regarding voting age when his office tattled on an 18 year old voter for tweeting #heblowsalot. If one googles Sam Brownback does the search come up with #heblowsalot?

@texrednface: 681,000 results for “sam brownback blows” but Google doesn’t autofill for it.

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