An Upside to Global Warming?

With the rise of mean temperature world-wide some areas will be warmer than others. Texas, say. Or Florida. Where it will soon not only be boring to play football but downright dangerous.

I’m told that the person on the right is a pro footballer. I’m wondering if he escorts.

A reason to care about climate change.


patrick kerney (pictured) went to U. Va. on a lacrosse scholarship but worked himself into a beast by eating 6 meals a day and working out more than a beast. playing football, he starred for the atlanta falcons and the seattle seahawks as a defensive end

@jwmcsame: Big guy, too. Originally a wrestler, Benedick.

If that’s the best climate change can do I’m moving north of the Arctic Circle.

Although this so-called “global warming” is but a myth spread by dirty hippies, Texas will just build indoor, climate controlled facilities and carry on as usual.

@redmanlaw: check out the curse of bobby layne. bobby layne put the curse (50 years) on the detroit lions and it took matt stafford to break it. both layne and stafford attended highland park high school in texas. read all the examples of the curse. you’ll laugh all day.

That picture encompasses the sum total of everything good about sport.

Can I get an “Amen” brothers and sisters?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That:
AMEN for penetration of those fabulicious tight ends who catch the balls.

Again I say, when you describe a situation where a bunch of muscular men don tight-fitting, gaudy clothing, then proceed to pile on top of each other, and slap each other’s butts when they get up, are we talking about some homoerotic orgy, or a football game? (I love explaining it that way to insecure straight guyz.)

@redmanlaw: I’m having a hard time understanding that clip. Is it like when Mary Martin won the Tony for Sound of Music over Merman for Gypsy?

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