Bring on the Steamed Croutons!

One moment, the latest Bad Lip Reading video appeared on all your favorite political websites. The next moment, it was gone. Blame Will Ferrell, we guess.

Problem solved: Somebody naughty posted the Funny or Die video to YouTube. We now join Ron Paul’s Bad Feces Pudding, already in progress.


@Benedick: What’s funny is that both Political Wire and TPM ran the Unauthorized YouTube Version.

The Unauthorized Uploader was YouTube user “soondubu”. Latest comment on his channel page: “You are a fucking dick for posting the Ron Paul bad lip reading video.”

But all the other ones were on Youtube. I don’t understand.

@Benedick: No, actually, Bad Lip Reading has its own Youtube channel. So I’m still confused. There’s been no activity by the channel “owner” for two weeks.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: I think this is something we need to think less about. It is a mere bagatelle.

Okay, let’s take a guess…

1. BLR just cut a deal with Funny or Die, so they’re no longer posting new videos to their YouTube channel.

2. Today’s yanked YouTube video was an unauthorized post from somebody who downloaded it from Funny or Die.

3. How that unauthorized post made it into the political blogosphere, dunno. (The dude who uploaded it doesn’t seem to be particularly popular.) But soon as Funny or Die found out about it, it was gone.

@Benedick: Do people still play that? Seems to me it would require a great deal of thought.

This version makes the most sense to me, probably because Ron Paul seems always seems at least a little high to me.

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