Every Other Natalie Wood Joke We Could Find

Why didn’t Natalie Wood take a shower on the boat?

She wanted to wash up on shore.

What did Princess Grace have that Natalie Wood could have used?

A good stroke.

What did Robert Wagner say to Natalie Wood the night she died?

“Okay honey, you can have a drink, but don’t go overboard!”

You wouldn’t get drunk and jump off a boat, would you?

Natalie Would.

What’s her middle name?


Sheriff reopens case of actress Natalie Wood’s mysterious death [LAT]

Surely the statute of limitations has long since expired? This is just too bad for all sorts of reasons.

So Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken get into a heated argument over…her career? They were such gentlemen.

@Benedick: No limitations on — dramatic pause — murder.

Apparently, Wood got into a heated argument with herself, punched herself repeatedly in the face and threw herself overboard.

Sheriff now says Robert Wagner is not a suspect. Whew. Who else could do those reverse-mortgage commercials?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: She was a lovely woman as well as talented. So she liked a drink. Big deal.

@redmanlaw: It was years before I knew the rest of that phrase.

@nojo: I’m calling it right now. It’s the captain. He let his guard down and said something incriminating while being interviewed for that book.

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