Cain Loves Meat.

In an interview for GQ which is, I believe, a magazine of some kind, Herman Cain confesses to a love of meat. Particularly sausage. He does not care too much for veggie pizza believing it to be sissy. As Mr. Cain points out: real men crave meat. As much as possible. No word yet on whether or not he’s cramming it down his own throat or if he’s got someone to do that for him.

Either way-

He’s got my vote.


@benedick: What would you give for a Herman Cain Larry-Craig-type scandal right now? Big Sausage Pizza indeed!

A Real Man won’t just put meat on his pizza.

He’ll kill adversaries, rip off their limbs, beat them to death with the wet ends, and then push their bodies through a deli slicer and cover their pizzas in tens of pounds of cannibal deliciousness!

That’s a pizza for a Real Man!

And this asshole is running for president?

There was also this today:

Cain!: Kissinger declined offer to be Secretary of State

Which was, of course, walked back as “a joke” shortly thereafter. This seemed kinda bizarre (didn’t they catch enough flack from the LAST round of “jokes”?) but then I realized that *every* statement the Cain! campaign makes is a joke – it’s a joke campaign…

this man is a text book megalomaniac

on a serious note. what the fuck. what has happened to this country?

can any of you imagine any of the occupants of this clown car running for president 20 years ago.
I mean seriously. its a freak show. and as funny as it is I also find it scary as hell because you know what the truth is any one of these freaks might end up with the nomination of one of the two major parties in this country and that means quite simply that they have a chance to be president.

think about it. the more you do the less funny it is.

@Capt Howdy: Reagan was an empty suit with good hair when he was governor of California, funded by business interests. Stand on your mark, say your lines. It didn’t get better.

So is Shelly O on the Oz stop-over trip? No sign of her frocks or styles!

I dont think Reagan would stand on the stage with Bachman, Cain, Perry or Trump. compared to them he was fucking Winston Chruchill

money sure but I dont think it just money. its the steady and continued dumbing down of whole culture.

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