Your Modern GOP

Another Texas governor wantin’ to be Preznit:

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“How many communists are in the Department of Defense?!! There’s 57, I say, 57 card-carrying communists working right now in the defense department.”

I hope Cain stays the course. It will help tear the party apart.

@redmanlaw: They tore down 2 lamp posts? Feh – Canadians riot better …

@redmanlaw: And overturned a TV truck … they might yet redeem themselves.


Just a disturbing thought.

If corporations now have 1st amendment rights, does it automatically follow they have 2nd amendment rights?

I think our friends in the GOP should be asked this question.

/End TJ

Rick Perry: because George W. Bush’s problem was a surfeit of competence and smarts.

@CheapBoy: Playing out your thought, if corporations are persons, what counts as conception?

@nojo: And, truly, there’s a whole array of confusing questions this raises. The 2nd amendment one has bothered me too, because it seems to lead to private armies, and if cyberpunk novels have shown us anything, it’s that that will lead to no good.

@nojo: Filing of articles of incorporation.

@nojo and redmanlaw: So filing for bankruptcy is like having an abortion, or committing suicide?

@SanFranLefty: Thank you. I was trying to work out that angle, but couldn’t nail it.

@redmanlaw: I was going to go with, “When a group of investors love money very much…”

The guys who work in Mergers & Acquisitions departments are total sluts.

@SanFranLefty: Doesn’t it follow then that when a deep-pocketed corporation buys up some smaller corporation in a hostile takeover that is the equivalent of murder? Just like with brown people, since the murdered corporation is smaller and unable to defend itself that makes it okay.

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