Better Luck Next Time. Or the Time After That.

“Religious broadcaster Harold Camping says he and his Family Radio network are embarrassed that the world didn’t end on Oct. 21 as he predicted.” [AP]


Perhaps his followers should sue for breach of contract.

The Dow took another dive today. Looks to me like the Greeks are playing hardball with the Germans to sweeten the deal.

I personally am looking forward to their version of the end of the world, because I think it will mean they all ascend to their beardy skydude, which is to say, they will cease bothering us. And if that Bible they’re always quoting is even moderately on the case, they’re probably not going to be ascending so much as descending.

It bothers me on a very fundamental level that I (a mere godless athiest) seem to embody a larger set of nominally-Christian values than these blow-hards.

Special note to my beloved Flippin’: not ragging on Christians. Ragging on flaming assholes.

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