How Many Synonyms Can You Find for “Uppity”?

“Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer skewers President Barack Obama in a new book, saying the president was ‘patronizing’ and ‘condescending’ when she met him at the White House last summer… [She] also says the president ‘lectured me’”. [Politico]


Wait. “Foreword by Governor Sarah Palin”? She gets an honorific?

What a fucking thin skinned dumbass, she is.

@ManchuCandidate: She’ll remind us in about ten minutes. Oh! Maybe her dumbass got raptured!

Wouldn’t be surprised. She’d grift those pennies from heaven if she could.

Scorpions for breakfast? I guess that’s why she wears her skin like iron. I’ll bet her breath’s as hard as kerosene.

I’d pay cash money to watch Gov. Brewer start into a birther rant only to be cut off by Obama deadpanning, “Jan, you ignorant slut…” ;)

@al2o3cr: Sounds like a Kickstarter project to me.

Very moving press conference by the president announcing the end of the Iraq war. Everyone home by the holidays.



The Obama administration has decided to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of the year after failing to reach an agreement with the Iraqi government that would have left several thousand troops there for special operations and training…

The plan conforms with the agreement negotiated by the George W. Bush administration to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq at the end of 2011…

Throughout the summer, the White House urged the Iraqis to come up with a list of tasks they would like U.S. forces to continue, and informally spoke of leaving somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 troops behind.

This is what folks dealing with Steve Jobs called the Reality Distortion Field.

@nojo: No doubt the deal-breaker was no status of forces agreement (with immunity) on the backend.

When does Black Eagle start stumping on his “war record”? I can just see him turning to Mittens/Deranger during the debates, holding up pictures of those killed/not captured, and saying “any questions?

@Nabisco: Yes, lack of immunity was the dealbreaker.

Also, Spencer Ackerman at Wired notes that we’ll still have 5,000 mercenaries guarding our spankin’ new Baghdad Castle Embassy.

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