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As we stock up on beer prepare for tonight’s GOP debate, let’s check in with a candidate who won’t be there:

Gary Johnson’s unorthodox campaign for the Republican presidential nomination continued Sunday, when he spoke at a Google+ town hall conducted by representatives of various pagan media outlets.

The former New Mexico governor spoke with members of the Pagan Newswire Collective, ModernWitch Podcast and, among others. He said it was important to reach out to voters that fall outside the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths, and slammed his own party for being too beholden to the Christian right.

Say what you might, but one thing’s for certain: At least they’re not Mormons.

GOP presidential hopeful courts pagans [The Hill]

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If I got that right, there’s a BBC story about many, many newborn Spanish babies being stolen from their birth mothers, who were told their babies had died, and either given or sold by the Church and government authorities in the Franco years and afterward to parents deemed more deserving.

Just when you think you’ve heard about just about every vile thing that can be done, well, you haven’t. Words fail me.

@lynnlightfoot: Jesus, that rivals Argentina’s craziness, except in Argentina the dictatorship would kill the baby’s parents before selling the baby.

I have to say, I had to laugh a bit at the part of the BBC story when the reporter goes undercover to the gynecologist’s office to confront him about his role, and when she tells him she’s a journalist he jumps up and starts brandishing a crucifix at her.

It’s easy to see why any old school follower of Franco would see the free press as the spawn of Satan. He probably regrets not having sold her baby when had the chance.

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