Ron Paul Campaign Engulfed by Eyebrow Scandal.

Has the detestable homunculus from Texas been unmasked as a prettified himbo wannabe?

If, like me, you were transfixed by the mystery of his double eyebrow during the last Republican ‘debate’ (Romney totally won!) today’s New York Times breaks the story: was it an eyebrow toupée that came adrift? How can a man with no eyebrows lead the Free World?


It’s probably not the only body part that’s falling off.

At 76, (assuming heehee he’s hahahaha elected) he would morph into the cryptkeeper before our eyes as the pressures of the job would wear him down. Barry’s almost 50 and his hair is pretty much gray.

Some might point to the example of Doug MacArthur as an elderly man in a high stress job. It didn’t work out so well for him… Sure there was Inchon but then it ended with the disastrous Chinese Counter Invasion winter of 1950 and Truman’s dismissal of Doug in 1951.

If he cared about Freedom, he’d shave his eyebrows and tattoo SMASH THE STATE over his eyes in red ink.

tj/Sport/ESPN to Oregon for College Game Day.. “Occupy Game Day,” a prank on ESPN by fans of the Dan Patrick radio show, will be there, too. For further coverage, we go now to a wine blog . . .

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