What About the Other Forty-One Questions?

Speaking of Shocking! — because what isn’t? — ABC’s getting some attention today for its new poll:

Just 37 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll say they expect Obama to win re-election in November 2012; 55 percent instead expect the eventual Republican nominee to win.

ABC is smart enough to note that a similar March 1992 poll called a landslide for Bush I, and that’s really the game we’re playing here: Republicans hoping they can swipe a re-election from a sitting Preznit.

But this news is based on Question 41 of a 42-question poll — and the other questions are “held for release”. We’d be very curious to see whether the same people who expect Obama to lose are voting for him anyway.



“Thanks for all the Fish, ABC.”

The punchline is that this should be a slam-dunk for the RepubliKKKans given the Depression and general hatred-frustration with our kleptocracy–HOWEVER!–they’re gonna nominate someone so psychotic and repulsive that the peeps push the Bammerz Button out of sheer disgust.

And that’s after he’s spent three years carving a backwards “B” on our collective face.

On the bright side, November, 2012, should be an extinction level event for all other incumbents. Send in the drones!

@¡Andrew!: And that’s after he’s spent three years carving a backwards “B” on our collective face.

Callback of the Day.

@nojo: Backwards B-Face was my favorite head-shaking, WTF moment of 2008.

I should go ahead and carve a backwards “P” into my face, since I can always change it to a “B” after the nominations.

@¡Andrew!: Although it kinda wrecked the “Bee Girl” that some of us in a certain demographic had come to be fond of…

@JNOV: Who is Amanda Knox, and why was everybody talking about her on The View while I was getting my car smogged this morning?

(Actually, the fun part was listening to Baba Wawa fret about saying “Niggerhead”.)

@nojo: Dead roommate media sensation, Italian style. Multi-year trial scandal. May have been framed for murder.

Fun Fact: Her parents live in my neighborhood.

@nojo: Pretty decent article about the case, pro-Knox, but still, good reading. It seems that she was only guilty of stupidity.

@¡Andrew!: No kidding. Glad the ex-BF is free, too.

@nojo: Dude. The View?

@¡Andrew!: Hey — did you write recently that you’d just seen Chinatown? I watched it today. I never knew Jack Nicholson was actually good looking once upon a time.

@JNOV: See “I was getting my car smogged.” Waiting rooms are hell.

@nojo: Shorter answer: worst. semester. abroad. evah

@flypaper: Right?!

@nojo: I don’t believe it takes that long to get an emissions test, Buddy.

ADD: Huis clos!

@JNOV: When there are three cars ahead of you, you’re pretty much stuck.

@flypaper: Not counting hiking in Iran.

@nojo: Pretty White Girl in Peril, Italia ed.

Stay tuned for tonight’s Special Roman Rage Episode of Nancy Grace.

@nojo: Sports Afield ran an article in July on a guy who went to Iran to hunt mountain goats. No problem there. Between the hikers and the wealthy international sportsman, who do you think was more likely to have ties to the intelligence community, especially when the magazine noted that the hunter dealt with a tribal group that does not always see eye to eye with Teheran on most matters and in fact promoted Iranian hunting trips as a means of funding the opposition there?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I owe an apology for not picking up on the Nancy Grace nip-slip last week.

Wait, wait… I know I’ve been away for a while but WTF? I don’t understand anything. Backwards B? Fish? Goats? Nancy Grace? OK. I understand how the last two go together but you elites… it’s all such a clique. And I’m the funny-looking dork no one wants to be seen with.

BTW. The nominees for excellence in Alt text are noje, noje, and noje.

And is James de Haviland any relation to either Olivia or aeroplanes?

@nojo: The Exorcist picture was enough, thankyouverymuch.

@JNOV: Jack Nicholson was extremely good looking back when. He even went through a period of being downright cute. In a quirky kind of way – he was Jack Nicholson, after all. He always had a slightly unhinged quality. He was the kind of guy would take you out to dinner but somehow you ended up paying (which has never happened to me) and then after he moved in you find out he’s taken out a second mortgage on the house, sold all the furniture, and got your sister pregnant. That kind of guy. Dreamy.

@nojo: The fuck!? She’s going Sally Struthers on us. Is that an areola bump, or is her nipple up kinda high?

@Benedick: Mom told me that he was dick deep into the Polanski sleaze scene, so I was predisposed to hate him. Did he find out his “sister” was really his mother around the time this film was made?

@JNOV: If you had as much uplift under your bra as she does your nipples would be up round your forehead. The wonder is the whole breasticle apparatus didn’t erupt out of its confines, knock over her partner, and flop down around her knees.

@JNOV: He’s an interesting and intelligent man. Great connoisseur of modern art. So you can imagine. Plus Angelica Huston loved him. That must be good for something.

BTW. We seem to be dating.

@Benedick: BTW. We seem to be dating.

Yes, so I can get near your husband.

@JNOV: Back off. Not that I’m near. I’m on the Cape and he’s got pugs.

@JNOV: I loved Chinatown! Film noir may be my favorite genre. Even more scandalous–I liked the sequel, The Two Jakes! (ducks!) The production design was absolutely superb.

@JNOV: Re: Knox. Who knows what really happened. Many people already convicted her in their own minds. In all honesty, none of the elements of the crime ever made any sense, and the prosecution’s refusal to put forth their view on the motive was just nuts. If she is innocent (note innocent instead of just not guilty), then I hope she’s able to put her life back together after enduring this Kafka-esque ordeal.

I finally saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and cried like a teenage girl at the end. Definitely the best film of the Roaring Zeroes.

@¡Andrew!: It’s the only Jim Carrey movie I can suffer. And I suffer it very well.

@JNOV: She claims it’s her nipple tape or whatever you call the thing that supposed to keep the ladies from standing at attention through one’s blouse.

But they’re not that dark, and with all the sweating she was doing, it wouldn’t surprise me that Mary Kate slipped the surly bonds of nipple tape to pop out and say hello to the boy and girls on the judging panel. Ashley, as is her wont, kept a low profile, embarrassed to be seen in ill-fitted brown and black sequined polyester.

@nojo: He also was brilliant in I Love You Phillip Morris.

@Benedick: I’d be seen with you in the pitch dark. That’s something, anyway…

@JNOV: I should warn you that most people did not like the sequel, though I found it satisfying and visually beautiful.

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