We Have a Media Hostage Situation Here

The Onion:

Congress Takes Group Of Schoolchildren Hostage

Brandishing shotguns and semiautomatic pistols, members of the 112th U.S. Congress took a class of visiting schoolchildren hostage this morning, barricading themselves inside the Capitol rotunda, where they remain at press time.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who has emerged as spokesman for the bipartisan group, informed FBI negotiators that the legislative body’s demands would be issued within the next hour, and that if any attempt is made to stage a rescue “all the kids will die.”

The Reaction:

  • Agence France Presse: “Police probing joke report of shooting at US Capitol”
  • ABC: “Did the Onion Go Too Far? Capitol Evacuation Story Prompts Police Response”
  • WaPo: “The Onion’s tweets about Capitol gunfire prompt panic, mockery”
  • Michelle Malkin: “Not funny: The Onion spreads fake, pointless report on Capitol hostage-taking, children at gunpoint”
  • Boing Boing: “Onion joke about ‘screams and gunfire’ inside Congress backfires”
  • Stinque: (Infinite loop of Orson Welles applauding.)

“Humor is a difficult concept”

-Lt Saavik (Wrath of Khan)

Congressional hearings to defund the Onion in 3, 2, 1…

Wait. The Onion doesn’t get any federal funding?

@SpongeBobtheBuilder: I’m sure it’s somehow Planned Parenthood’s fault, so they’ll just try to defund them again.

@ManchuCandidate: The meta-joke is that Saavik is Kirstie Alley.

Silly Onion! Congress holds our kids hostage every day by using a budget instead of a gun!

It’s not the actual article that bothers them, its the fact that their ideology is too fragile to stand up to even tounge-in-cheek criticism. Ping-pong got her widdle feewlings hurt…

Jonathan Swift is ROFL in his grave.

anybody remember the boondocks cartoon deal where dude got an email from jesus saying he had been kidnapped by right wing psychos and needed help with the ransom?

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