Your Mother’s in Here. Would You Like to Leave a Message?

Our guest columnist is the increasingly desperate Rufus Gifford of the Obama campaign.

I’m the national finance director here at OFA.

I know we’ve been sending you a lot of email lately. That’s because we’re staring down a critical fundraising deadline tomorrow at midnight.

You know what that means for your inbox, but let me give you a sense of what that looks like around here.

The staff and I are working around the clock, powered by too much coffee. It’s been way too long since we called our moms. And we’ve all had more pizza and bad takeout in the past few weeks than anyone should have in a year…

If you’re able to, will you chip in $3 today?

[via email/Nabisco]

I told Rufus to pack a lunch and ask Obama for a Brita.

ADD: Hmmm…I think I called my mom once while I was in basic training. SUCK IT UP!

And right on cue, Jonathan Turley:

One man is primarily responsible for the disappearance of civil liberties from the national debate, and he is Barack Obama. While many are reluctant to admit it, Obama has proved a disaster not just for specific civil liberties but the civil liberties cause in the United States.

Subject: Why I’ve been ignoring your emails
From: JNOV
Date: September 29, 2011 3:39:57 PM EDT

Public option: none. FISA: Still listening. GITMO: Still open.

I’ve been unemployed most of Obama’s term. I get no unemployment or welfare benefits. I live in my great aunt’s unfinished basement. The only medical care I get is sporadic and through the VA. I hold a [fancy pants degree]. My student loan debt is crippling, I’m on forbearance for what seems like forever (interest still accruing), and my son (a 4.0 student), might have to drop out of college, also with huge student loan debt.

I think I got to call my mom once while I was in basic training. SUCK IT UP! Pack a lunch and ask Obama for a Brita. Hope and change my ass.


BTW, that picture is giving me the willies.

@JNOV: I was actually looking for some “Your Momma’s Here With Me” heh-heh gag, and that turned up. Which better summed up my response.

@nojo: Who jumps out the window? I would, but I’m in a basement.

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