Weed the People

The ten most popular items at the new White House petitions website.

  • Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol. (19,901 signatures)
  • Call an Investigation into Allegations of Prosecutorial & Judicial Misconduct in the Case of Sholom Rubashkin (12,739 signatures)
  • Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase “Under God”. (7,917 signatures)

  • Abolish the TSA, and use its monstrous budget to fund more sophisticated, less intrusive counter-terrorism intelligence. (7,731 signatures)
  • Stop Animal Homelessness at Its Roots (5,615 signatures)
  • Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. (5,606 signatures)
  • Stop Interfering With State Marijuana Legalization Efforts (5,594 signatures)
  • Allow Industrial Hemp to be Grown in the U.S. Once Again (5,571 signatures)
  • Remove “In God We Trust” from currency. (4,971 signatures)
  • Direct the Patent Office to Cease Issuing Software Patents (3,122 signatures)
We the People [White House, via Raw Story]

TJ/ I knew he was a mutherfuckin vampire! Dude!

4 out of ten…..reefer gladness!

■Direct the Patent Office to Cease Issuing Software Patents

Wait, what? Why?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: As Mellbell notes, huge issue in the Geek Community. First became prominent when Amazon patented “one-click ordering”. Recently, a patent troll tried to sue iPhone app developers for using Apple’s in-app ordering system.

It’s not unlike DMCA trolls trying to sue blogs for copping stories — most targets are financially unable to put up a fight.

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