At a recent campaign stop Michele and Marcus demonstrated some favorite positions.


Woof!! Woof!!

But you know, he’s probably thinking of Tom Cruise

Crazy Eyes
Steamin’ and a-rollin’
Crazy Eyes
You never have to guess
When you hear the tooting of the whistle
It’s Marcus at the throttle of the Crazy Eyes Express

@ManchuCandidate: He’s so totally bottom I can’t think what got into him.

@Benedick: I really don’t want to think about what gets into Marcus Bachmann.

@JNOV: Much more squalid. Refugee BYU musical theatre majors making a run for the coast, any coast, and getting stranded in the bus station in Minneapolis waiting for the express out.

You haven’t eaten in two days and the nice fat man says Roy Rogers is all your own. He’s got the complete 9 CD edition of Maureen McGovern covering Jimmy Webb back at his hotel room. You could stretch out on the OTHER twin bed and let the music take you someplace you never been before. There’s a cake that’s melting and how come your pants are gone? But who cares, funny fat mans gonna give you a back rub and you miss your buddies on the cheerleading squad, specially Mikey. But you got his number and he promised he’d call and you can’t keep your eyes open even though…

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