Tinker, Tailor …

Read the books, watched the original BBC series – how stoked am I for this?


But how can it beat the Alec Guinness version of TTSS and Smiley’s People, which I own and watch every few years? Maybe better for the reduced-attention-span set.

I love the BBC mini series.

The problem is that the plot is so intricate that how can you distill it down to 2 hours?

However, I’ll probably go see it.

In the early nineties you could still count on PBS and A&E to provide you with witty television. Something has gone wrong. Well, went wrong a long time ago. People were put in positions of power both here and across the pond who are dunces. (It only just occurred to me why. It’s the baleful influence of Murdoch.

I can’t admire, but I have noticed the ingenuity of spinmeisters who distort every reasonable thing a liberal has to say into an assualt on motherhood, Mom, and apple pie. Honest to God, I’m starting to feel how sane Germans must have felt in 1933.

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