Justice Ginsburg is a Bad Ass

Glad to see she’s still this spry:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is 78 and has battled cancer, was forced to slide down an emergency chute to evacuate a flight at Dulles International Airport on Wednesday, a court spokeswoman said.

Ginsburg was on her way from Washington to San Francisco and was not injured, said Supreme Court spokeswoman Patricia McCabe Estrada.

ADD:  Best comment on SFGate: “Did TSA ask a Supreme to disrobe?”

[SF Chronicle]

Christ that’s scary. She could have broken something, those things are dangerous. Ruth is precious to the country.

OTOH, I’d like to have seen Scalia hit that chute. Or those other Supreme Pussies, Thomas, Roberts and Alito.

my Ruthie! so glad to see her sice the one post i did comment on was DELETED> now i’m not pointing fingers (heh) i’m going with njo, flip all the cards …thanks Lefty!
hello all, especially Lynn, i’m fine, thank you for asking darling! just lurking lately. i’m wearing a hat. the ceilng is acually falling. alert chicken little.

@matador1015: Scalia would have deflated the chute.

@baked: Hiiiii!!!

Hiiiiii!! remember the good old days, before we were a legitimate blog and big shots? i could pour my crazy out here and get a yawn, maybe. and daveH would yell at me and shit? and i’d get damn good advice too. ah, well.
i haven’t been paying attention to the news. it’s a big evil circus and i want, NEED some cotton candy. the debates put me in a homicidal mood, and i have not recovered. send in the clowns. there ought to be clowns. where do we keep the cotton candy again? oh! right HERE. you were there the whole time! i didn’t click my heels together is all!!
i’m back!!!!!!

@baked: Ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone.

@Dodgerblue: ain’t no fun when you’re away….(you can’t play scrabble with that pad thing)

And just to add to her awesomeness, Justice Ginsburg still made it to EssEff in time to talk to a bunch of law students at Hastings and tell them how much she loves the gheyz and hates the death penalty.

I would to have loved to take her out for drinks in The City with some of my gheyz. The genuflecting at Martuni’s would have made her day.

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