Duuuuude! 420 in the 408!

A pick-up truck carrying a load of marijuana in large bags overturned in San Jose early Wednesday morning, but passers-by and other drivers helpfully cleared the roadway of all weed before police could even arrive on the scene.

[SF Chronicle: Crash witnesses make off with spilled marijuana]

Henry tasted
He got wasted
Couldn’t even see
How he’s gonna drive like that
Is not to clear to me

(John “Marmaduke” Dawson)

You know it was San Jose State fans stocking up for the post-beatdown parties on Saturday. Anything to take the edge off after being depantsed at the hands of Tree.

Oh, college football is back.

@chicago bureau: Don’t get too cocky, grasshopper. I’m strangely nervous about the Tree v. SJSU and Texas v. Rice games.

@chicago bureau: @SanFranLefty: I will sit and watch 3 NFL games in a row on any given Sunday, but I can’t get excited about college ball. Can anyone help? I went to U MD.

Power to tha peepul! Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

@chicago bureau: lsu vs oregon tomorrow. oregon must be bucking to be the 14th member of the new southeastern conference once uninvited texas a & m makes it past the doormen to be the 13th member. oregon played the vols last year with the extremely depleted vols hanging tough for the first half. and of course the ducks hung tough against college football’s highest paid player last year in the championship game. the ducks open with lsu tomorrow. you gotta give them credit for taking on the big boys with our 5 national titles in a row. lsu lost 4 players to the justice system after a brawl featuring starting qb jordan jefferson landing some mma like kicks to the head of his probably not so innocent victim. the ducks have lost a starter to the radar gun while auditioning for nascar so the off field issues equal out. a fella calling himself leonard post-toasty used to do a radio show here in the south called leonard’s losers, where he predicted the losers not the winners. so in the spirit of leonards losers; tomorrow’s loser in a close one, lsu.

@blogenfreude: I went to the University of Oregon, and I can’t get excited about college ball.

@blogenfreude: Well the Terps are known more for their hoops than their gridiron skills, so that might be part of the problem. Not as many college football powerhouses in the northeast as in the Midwest, South, and West, so I could see why you’re more meh about it.

I haven’t been able to watch the NFL with any regularity in over ten years. College football is so much faster, the players are not quite the lumbering 300 pound leviathans as in the NFL, and they are quicker. Plus their asses are tighter. And the tickets to see college games live are much cheaper (except the Ducks v. Tree game which is sold out and tickets are being scalped at high prices).

@SanFranLefty: Speaking of college basketball, the Louisville-Georgetown game isn’t taking place in DC this season. I haz a sad.

@SanFranLefty: maryland integrated the acc. lee corso recruited the first black player to maryland. watch this:

i have to disagree with your second paragraph. there is no such thing as slow in the nfl, only relatively slower. the speed of the nfl is what dooms many college superstars. tim tebow suffers that now, but i predict he will recover and go the way of steve young. heath shuler couldn’t deal with nfl speed and got relegated to the united states congress where he torpedoes progressive initiatives for revenge. his bills like his passes still get intercepted.

@nojo: why? the uniforms? give them a chance. they play a might exciting brand of football. if you drink alot and cuss when the game is on, it’s gets to be a whole lot more fun.

has anyone seen the pat tillman doc on showtime yet?

@jwmcsame: Football ruined Eugene. It was a much more laid-back place when the Ducks were in the Bottom Ten.

@jwmcsame: Umm, their asses are tighter? All I know is those 20 year old guys are running around in circles and the college games are nail-biting and over all too quickly, whereas the NFL game seem to go on forever, and I can go take a nap and wash the car and the Cowboys still haven’t seemed to have done shit. Meanwhile, speaking of the NFL, what do you and chicago bureau think of my theory that Harbaugh is purposely losing and making the 49ers lose over and over again so they get first pick in the draft in 2012 and Andrew Luck goes 35 miles from The Tree to The Stick to be reunited with the coach who made him a wonder? I asked a friend of mine in March who is a sports agent lawyer why Harbaugh couldn’t have stayed at the Farm another year and the two of them make it a package deal, and I was told there were all these complicated explanations I didn’t understand. At the time I said, “So the other option is Luck gets his degree and the 49ers lose all their games this fall?” and said friend chuckled.


@jwmcsame: i donno about Tebow. The pro game is faster and the defenses more sophisticated. He could be a pastor in a mega-church in a couple of years.

@chicago bureau: I guess my nervousness was misplaced, as it was Tree 57, SJSU 3.

Mr. SFL, on the other hand, is shitting bricks as his Ducks are getting spanked by LSU. He told me to turn on the Giants game – “I’d rather watch the Giants lose than U of O.”

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