Even before I watched all 10 of Gawker’s Hurricane Reporter Blowdowns I knew my favorite:


I liked the one where Geraldo got taken out by a wave.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: That’s maybe 2 or 3 for me, but I still love anything awkward and Roker.

I would like to meet Alan Cumming, and I would like that he get his ass off fucking TV. Make it so!

A real weather man would have just punched that hurricane in the face and chased it away.

Spent the day at Fan Expo with a very old friend and his family. It is the big Anime/Horror/SF convention in Toronto which I call jokingly call Bi-Mon-SciFi-Con (not as big as Comi-con.)

Saw William Shatner speak. He’s pretty entertaining, but not for the two hour wait in line that we did to get almost front row seats. To be fair, I was almost willing to go see Katee Sackhoff not because I was a big fan of BSG. Just to go see Katee Sackhoff speak (hey, I’m weak and kind of pathetic.) For the record, I did not but I was thinking about it.

The best part was wandering past the autograph tables and seeing Martin Landau. I ponied up the $30 bucks for the autograph and chatted with the guy for about 5 minutes. Not a bad guy for an Oscar Winner. He told me about his next project (Tim Burton’s Franken Weenie–not the animated story of John Holmes.) What’s bad is that I know him for his worst role as Commander Koenig of the godawful Space 1999 (which I loved loved loved as a kid.)

Private to Manchu: will be in Toronto September 24. (Last leg of my drive through Eastern Canada. Chicago-Sault Ste Marie-North Bay-Quebec-Halifax (4 nights)-Montreal-Toronto-Windsor-Chicago (and intermediate points… look out, Trois-Rivieres!).) Any interest in an international incident?

@chicago bureau: Been in Trois-Rivieres on visits and, for the life of me, I never actually looked for something to do. Is there something there besides a rock Champlain pissed on and stuff like that?

I’m partial to the Weather Channel guy getting blown onto a hedge.

@ManchuCandidate: Mission Impossible.

Actually, Martin & Barbara were out by the time I tuned in. So I’ll have to fess up to Space 1999 too.

@chicago bureau:
Yeah, I don’t have anything planned that weekend so yeah it sounds good.

I know, I know. Space 1999 was my first exposure to the guy. I enjoyed him in Ed Wood, too.

And yes, MI. He was a much better actor in MI and Ed Wood than Space 1999. What I really don’t get is how Barbara Bain won so many Emmys considering the sets and the space ship models and wrestlers in rubber wigs conveyed more emotion than she did.

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