Everybody Run!

Priorities, people.

Tuna. Batteries. Gin.

Update: Cuomo has ordered a complete shutdown of all mass transit tomorrow. The Thruway and bridges into the city will be closed if winds exceed 60 mph.

Bloomberg has ordered compulsory evacuation of zone A and partial evacuation of zone B, namely the Rockaways.

I’m so glad I never ever have to go to Long Island again since my mother is no longer there. For those benighted west coasters who know no better, the Rockaways is a stretch of beach on Long Island that has become heavily built up with condo towers right on the water.

Fire Island is shut down tighter than a vicar’s sphincter. The Pines is a wasteland. Cherry Grove is fucked.

BTW. It’s pronounced eye-REEnee.


@Benedick – I would totally go to Montauk right now if I could – I fucking LOVE big storms.

That production of Irene was the first Broadway show I ever saw. Explains my lack of interest in musical theatre, don’t you think?

Sandy Eggo Crisis Update: Blue skies, 79 degrees.

@nojo: I love the California smug – it lasts right up until they realize that they can’t get a decent bagel.

I’m getting three bottles of small batch Oregon gin delivered to my home tonight by our friend the prison shrink. Chinese food and beers in the backyard tonight. I’m declaring myself well as of now. Duck quesadillas on the rooftop of the Coyote Cantina tomorrow night with a client who’s coming to town.


@blogenfreude: Nojoland only has two conditions: perfect or Hell on Earth (earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides). Either way, they’re smug bastards about it.

@redmanlaw: I’m hoping for cheese on toast. If the house is still standing.

@flippin eck: If noje needs to evacuate his personal ‘friend’ I say a man needs to do what a man needs to do.

@Marcel Parcells: Sadly, we can’t get decent pizza either, at least not easily. New York slices are usually greasy w/ a too-thick crust. I need a trip to Naples.

@flippin eck: September is Hellstorm Wildfire Month!

@blogenfreude: Flippin linked to it this morning. The lawnchair that Benedick found remains the classic.

@nojo: should have had my sister take a photo of the picture that fell off her wall (near Germantown, MD).

Meanwhile Mayor Bloomberg says there are no plans in place to evacuate the 15,000 kids and adults awaiting trial living on low-level Rikers Island. If NYC is spared the Katrina impact on the jails and juvenile halls, bully on him. But the hue and cry that would have come up had he said there were no plans for the animal shelters would have been admirable on one level but depressing to think of the human beings who are considered disposable.

/off soapbox for a drink

P.S. Is it hue or hew when used with cry? I have no idea…

@SanFranLefty: Copyeditor gut call: hew.

ADD: Copyeditor gut fails.

I say ‘hew and cry’. ‘Hew’ is cry, ; Hew to me while I lay about me with my battle axe. ‘Hue’ is color. I also say ‘cry havoc!’ and whatever, dude.

It’s “hue” and cry.

Tried three small batch Oregon gins tonight, plus a Tanquerary to start. Chinese food and great conversation with neighbor and friends from Portland. Many laughs coming out of Son of RML’s Man Cave where he and the visitors’ teens were holed up. Talked Airsoft guns and real guns with a kid who will be coming over to check out my WW2 battle rifles in the morning.

Hue it is.

@rml: Mr SFL discovered a tasty Washington State single-batch gin that makes martinis a little tooooo smooth. Will look for the name in the recycling bin.

@SanFranLefty: You just know the tebaggers and Rethuglicans who are salivating at the pictures of floating dead people. These are the same ones who repost Facebook statuses about how every state should drug test welfare recipients.

@SanFranLefty: I’ll post my tasting notes here later this weekend. A former client whose child custody case I worked on for about three years as we got hometowned in her ex’s tribal court is coming over with her husband tonight for steaks off the backyard grill.

The gins we got are Small’s, Aviation and Desert Juniper. You could do the goog on them.

@SanFranLefty: @redmanlaw: ‘Hue’ it is. Did not know its secondary meaning of beating or whipping. I blame the weather.


ADD: I think there’s some old hymn about hewing to god or something. Or maybe the Friends stuck it in my head. “Hue” is color saturation.

ADDD: Wait. Isn’t “hewn” like cut down or something? Hell if I know. I refuse to look it up and will continue in ignorance and encourage you to do the same.

Okay, time to watch the disaster movie playing in real time.

@JNOV: That’s a different hew. What confused me.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:

Speaking as this blog’s resident “Hugh” (my meat world first name), here’s my favorite Hugh (also known as Wavy Gravy).

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