It’s Not Treason if You’re a Republican.

As we’re all aware, senators McCain and Graham have been harsh in their criticism of the president’s Libya strategy. Why was he coddling Qaddafi? Why didn’t he man up and take him out like a real American patriot?

Even now, when it seems a great victory has been won promising $2 gas by September, McCain and Graham congratulate our  NATO allies, even the French, but not the president.

We here at Stinque wondered why. Why such a mealy-mouthed response? Apart from the obvious reasons?

Well it seems that just two years ago McCain and Graham, with BFF Lieberman, were in Tripoli to reassure Qaddafi that support for him was building in Congress and that he need have no fear his supply of American munitions would be cut off. In fact it would be increased.

Though the delegation was no secret it seemed to have been forgotten till Wikileaks posted the cable. And now McClatchy and others have picked up on it.

(And don’t bitch at me about the picture. It was either that or dead Libyan rebels.)


Republican is just another word for “don’t give a shit about rules.”

There’s a lot of interesting stuff in those cables. Hugo Chavez is a dictator, according to one. The evidence? You can buy Chavez bobble-head dolls and watches with his picture on them.

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