The Great White Nope

While we endure another two weeks of baseless Palin Presidential Speculation, we’d like to note that the modern record for a Big Tease, measured from Breakout Convention Speech to Definitive Refusal, belongs to Mario Cuomo (July 16, 1984 – December 21, 1991).

Because of the lateness of the 2008 Republican Convention, Palin would need to hold out until at least February 2016 to dethrone Cuomo, although with her relative youth she could easily extend a Tease well into the 2020 cycle.

The competition is not without controversy, however. Some members of the Governing Body argue that Cuomo’s reign should be extended to April 7, 1993, the date he turned down a Supreme Court nomination, fifteen minutes before it was to be formally offered. But this requires entertaining the notion of “Justice Palin”, the very thought of which sends most members screaming from the room, thus denying the Governing Body a quorum.



Three words that will never be used to describe the Grifta from Wasilla are “Best” “Legal” and “Mind.”

At this point, the GOPers have covered all her “best” points as they have a bat shitty candidate, a jeebus candidate, a teabagger, a grifter candidate, an idiot candidate and a female (not necessarily all in the same package.)

I just finished watching Idiocracy, so “Chief Justice Palin” doesn’t seem as outlandish to me as it should. In fact, it has a whiff of inevitability to it.

Ah, Noje. Sometimes the Tease is the best part.

@Serolf Divad: In all honesty, could Chief Justice Palin do any worse than Chief Justice Roberts who has an unblemished record of supporting the side with the deepest pockets? She’s too unprincipled and erratic to be that consistent.

TJ/ Rebels breach the compound where Kadaffi is hunkered down. Sic Semper Tyrannus, but MSNBC is reporting that he’s got several western journalists held in the compound, making them de facto hostages.

@Serolf Divad: I first saw Idiocracy in Mexico dubbed in Spanish–whatta freakin’ trip!

And it’ll be her grandson, Gatorade Lime Punch Palin, that eventually ascends to the Supreminal Kort.

@Dave H: Too true. If she replaced one of the current neo-fascist kooks on the Kort, it’s not like it would change the vote split.

We would have to get used to reading “legal opinions” consisting solely of the pictures of a turkey she traced around her hand, tho.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: CNN’s showing “hours ago” footage of the rebels looting weapons from the compound. The reporter still has her helmet on, but she’s not a hostage.

No Gaddafi Kaddafi Qaddafi, however.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: CNN update: While the compound is history, loyalists still hold the hotel where international journalists hang out, and may be using them as human shields.

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