To Boldly Go.

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any dumber, along comes Tea Party in Space, vowing to fight NASA’s intransigent socialism and replace it with free-market space travel.

Not content with blowing apart the economy, the Baggers are now planning their assault on the final frontier. Space! (bow chicka bow chicka bow bow)

Book your seats now. What could possibly go wrong?

Full disclosure: Part of me suspects this is a joke. But let’s all believe it’s real. It’s funnier that way.


Can we sell the naming rights of our natural satellite to the Unification Church?

Low transaction costs.

After all, deregulation in space will totally work out for the best, right?

I dunno – I’m all for a teabagger space program. Maybe we can get them to do the first manned mission to the Sun – don’t worry, they’ll go at night… ;)

This is a fantastic idea. I will give all the money I can.

Is there a way to make it compulsory?

@al2o3cr: al sharpton while campaigning in 2004, heard that w wanted to send men to mars. al promised to send w and hw if he got elected.

can you imagine how poor astronaut pay would be on a commercial space craft? ask any airline pilot around now. you know the commercial space travel companies will be kicking and screaming for tax breaks and subsidies.

the only scientists the teabaggers could employ are the global warming deniers paid by BP and exxon. any rocket they launch will end up like so many of von brauns early v-1s, v-2s and their grandbabies, saddams scuds. they’ll either blow up on the launch pad or sputter around cape canaveral just long enough to kill the teabaggers who show up for the launch.

i thought i could find youtubes of v-1s and v-2s blowing up on the launch pad. there is a clip where the german scientists take off running out of a bunker and away from the rocket heading their way. but this clip is even better. seems the teabaggers have already built a v-2. the countdown was even in german and of course it fucked up.

The Cars on Colbert: They look like old Bob Denver in a Gilligan outfit.

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