Your Debt-Ceiling Sellout At Work

“Stocks around the world fell sharply Thursday on intensifying investor fears about a slowdown in global economic growth and worries about Europe’s ongoing debt crisis, which is centered now on Italy and Spain… A fear haunting markets is that the United States economy may be heading for a double-dip recession.” [NYT]


BTW, apparently Teh Googlez isn’t good at differentiating between teabagging and snarking-on-teabagging, so I’m now getting an AFP ad:

AFP should really be sued for false advertising – they’re basically “Americans for Economic Collapse” at this point…

Wait, but… but… I thought markets were supposed to rally once investors realized that the government was finally serious about cutting spending?

Quick, someone find a way to blame this on the Community Reinvestment Act, minorities and illegal immigration.

Anyway, you know what’s going to make me want to vomit the most about all this? It’s this: In a couple of years, when we’re deep in the midst of a second major recession, and unemployment is soaring toward 12, 13, even 15%, we’re going to see a bunch of journalistic outlets running bullshit apologetic stories about how they weren’t sufficiently skeptical of Tea Party claims that slashing government spending would improve the economy… and the stories will read exactly the same as the bullshit apologetic stories that journalistic outlets ran about how they weren’t sufficiently skeptical of the Bush Administration’s claims in the run up to the invasion of Iraq.

The media have blood on their hands just as much as any of the other major players/villains in this clusterfuck.

Excellent financial management, Wall St, Teabaggers and Barry.

Stock Market down 500.

I’m going to the store tomorrow to buy a drill and a pitchfork.

True, but they (Teabaggers, GOPers and MSM) won’t call it that.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s time to jangle the shiny keys in front of the public again!

Shark attacks! Missing white women! Lindsay Lohan–BOOO!! Terrah, terrah, terrah!!

And haven’t you heard? FDR and the New Deal schoolalizms caused the Great Depression–even though it began four years before he was elected–and also every recession since! That’s the latest from the Tea Klux Klan-crazed dumFux Nooz crowd.

The North American public are idiots with ADD and diabeetus 2.

I include Canada City, too. We elected PM for life Fatty.

@ManchuCandidate: The problem with that disease is that its name is just so negative. It’d get a lot more press if they changed it to liveabetes.

Best (worst) line from the Yahoo Finance version of this story:

“Adding to the pain is the sense that the government and Federal Reserve are out of both ideas and ways to stimulate the economy.”

This makes me so mad I could put a fist through my screen. There’s no shortage of good ideas about how to stimulate the economy – it’s just that the Very Serious Persons have summarily decided to look at all the good options and DO THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE. The exact same greedhead fucks that ran around after the housing bubble popped going “whocoodanode?” are now doing the same thing regarding contractionary fiscal policy.


Well after the agreement we struck on the debt ceiling, yeah… the government is out of ways to stimulate the economy. But that’s BY CHOICE AND DESIGN.

Fucking bastards.

I just finished Maria Bartiromo telling Chris Matthews that businesses aren’t hiring because of lack of demand and uncertainty about the regulatory environment…. well, at least she got half of it right. So I’ll only call her half a cunt. Businesses aren’t hiring because no one is spending any money. This fantasy that the Obama Adminstration has a crushing regulatory regime waiting in the wings to massacre business is just typical right-wing bullshit talking points. But let’s face it: in today’s “balanced” media environment we can’t possibly say that one side is right and one side is wrong. They must both be wrong and they must both be right. What a crock of shit.

@Serolf Divad: If only we’d believed in the Power of the Free Market, the Job Creators were just about to trickle down and make us all rich. Well, shit.

@Serolf Divad:

Exactly – the choice part is the worst of the lot. In the twenties and thirties, the liquidationists at least had the fig leaf of, “we don’t know what massive government stimulus will do” to hide behind. Now? Now we KNOW what austerity in the face of sagging demand does, and we KNOW the ultimate destination of disgruntled people who buy into hard-right militant nationalist propaganda. We aren’t *sliding* into depression, fascism and war – these fucks are out back PUSHING and CHEERING.

And in related news, some of the oft-cited wastefraudandabuse that teabaggers love to scream about has been FOUND!

Turns out, it was just hard to SEE IT under all that teahadi fat and American flag bunting…

Who do I blame for the devastation of my SS and Medicare? The districts that sent Teabaggers and Republicans to Congress. You can’t blame sociopaths for acting like sociopaths, but you can blame those stupid enough to send them to Congress. They should be punished, and I mean that literally.

Yeah they will be.

Most of the Teabaggers… Red States.

Red States… most of them outside of Nevada and Florida and Tejas get more monies from the Fed than the Blue States (out of the three Red States.) Thus the Red States are going to be faced with cannibal anarchy or raising taxes. Most of them will choose cannibal anarchy.

The problem is that most of them will be too stupid to realize it and a lot of people who don’t deserve it are going to suffer for their stupidity.

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