So Close to Glory

“Paperwork to form the new committee, the ‘Campaign to Defeat Barrack Obama,’ was filed with the Federal Election Commission on April 5. Ten days later, the PAC’s name was changed to ‘Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.'” [TPM]

@BarrackObama [FlyingChainSaw]

Apparently they’re counting on their base being COMPLETELY FUCKTARDED this time around, as that’s the only sort of person who’d want *more* GOP governors after the brutal teabagging they’ve engaged in in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey, etc.

@al2o3cr: I believe “COMPLETELY FUCKTARDED” is generally accepted as a very accurate description of their base.

Ha! And while we’re at it, Fuck Mike Lee!

Fucktarded Pigfuckers is what I like to call them. Never forget, it has always been thus. I saw a quote today that really cheered me up, it was an old quote, but it said that civil society, culture, has always been held up and preserved by a tiny minority, and that minority is so vulnerable to the vast sea of stupid, thats a major paraphrase, the words were much different, but its good to know that we have always been in this predicament. Its not worse, it is what its always been.

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