Matt Damon for President

…’nuff said.


After the clip, he then took out the cameraman with a rolled-up magazine. Matt Damon. He’ll kick your ass with words and with whatever’s lying around.

The “I’m not saying, I’m just saying”-style takedown suits him.

WTF is “Reason TV” and why was she engaging MD on this anyway?

I like that he rips the chick with his mom looking on. Southies Unite!

That chick clearly has no earthly idea how the entertainment industry works if she thinks working on one’s craft has any correlation to who gets the jobs.

@flypaper: features drew carey who tries to host the price is right these days. too bad he can’t hold bob barkers jock (that’s a sports analogy). more importantly, another staffer over there at holds himself up as a one time producer for john stossel who suffered some serious consequences his own damn self for questioning the credibility of the wrong persons chosen profession.
didn’t drew carey try his hand at comedy in the past? he’s right up there with all the other alleged comedians who could never make me laugh or even crack a smile. bob hope, dennis miller, jerry sienfeld and billie crystal to name a few.
my mom was a teacher too. grown up kids with kids of their own still show up at our tailgate party at UT football games and tell my mom how much she meant to them when they were her students. they do this while i’m sitting there trying to drink and not cuss too much.

@jwmcsame: All you needed to say was “Drew Carey”, and the rest is clear. Bob Hope was good for the classic comedic timing, and from what the folks tell me, he was considered a bit risque back in the day.

I loved my good teachers and detested the bad ones, but the difference was the 10% rule: that’s about the percentage that sucked. So what? I’m easily surrounded by a workforce that is very likely 30 percent deadwood.

Isn’t drinking and cussing at any tailgate party a given, let alone one at UT?

@jwmcsame: My grandmother, who’s in her 90s, was a teacher for about thirty years, and not a week goes by that a former student doesn’t come up to her in church and tell her that she was their favorite teacher. People who pick on teachers, most of whom are hard workers and really care about their students, disgust me. (I’m looking at you, Scott Walker.)

Decent arguments, but why does noone point out that Adam Smith, father of the invisible hand, in Wealth of Nations, gives teaching and schools as an example of where the free market aproach does not work particularly well, because there is weak feedback, consumers can’t judge with sufficient information, time spans are too long, etc.? The very fucking inventor of free market invisible hand magic didn’t think education was the best place for it to be tested.

The very best way to expose the idiocy of modern conservatives is to go back to original sources and read their “canon,” their most beloved philosophers and thinkers, not the modern ones, they are all just idiots, the ones they revere. You quickly discover that they misunderstand and misinterpret even the most basic tenets they profess. Modern Conservatism might as well be called “stupidisim,” it is based on misreadings and misunderstandings of its own sources.

@Promnight: I heard Art “the Curve” Laffer interviewed on NPR about the debt situation last week, and it nearly ruined a tremendous vacation. I think that was the night I had mojitos by the beach.

@Nabisco: Noone in my daily life would have understood what I said.

@Promnight: A few years ago I got lunch with a couple of coworkers, and all they could talk about was shoes. This was the same day that William F. Buckley died, and I kept thinking, “Do they even know who he is? And, if they did, would they care?”

@mellbell: Are you sure you aren’t working on a novel or a script? I think the idea of coworkers picking at their salads and chatting about Manolos tearing into steaks and talking up their Johnston and Murphy Oxfords* while you ruminate about the death of WFB (Jr!) screams Hollywood!

*This comment has been run through JezeBabelfish to minimize sexism.

@Serolf Divad: no shit. the vast majority of the teabaggers here in east tennessee work or worked for TVA and/or TVA dependent concerns, Oak Ridge federal projects or companies dependent on such, the public University of Tennessee or its dependents, federal or state wildlife and resource management and local governments. The only other jobs are finance, IT (heavily dependent on all mentioned above) and a small manufacturing sector. The manufacturing jobs are auto parts production that depend on prosperous union plants for their demand. The auto parts manufacturers are all japanese and german though. The only involvement here in our economy by american companies and investors is boat building. and guess what? the american boat builders like all american manufacturers are moving overseas. this time and in this case the move is to south america. only a fucking moron would believe that the american alleged free enterprise system helps americans. the private sector has failed miserably to provide any such economic security for americans. all we have to depend on now is government spending and foreign investment. and of course my sector of the economy, the money changers. i admit i don’t create or produce much. i just get little folks to promise big folks that they will send the big folks cash each month for at least a lifetime after i gather up my few crumbs. what a crying shame it has all come to this.

@matador1015: +1

Drew Carey Project? WTF.

@jwmcsame: +1 Bob Barker’s jock. Indeed. is just Reason magazine (among the Koch brothers’ favorite media outlets) with a video camera. They’re right about drug policy and not much else.

@mellbell: @Nabisco: True story, two of my co-workers, in their 50s, had never ever had chinese food before, until just a couple of years ago, when I and the other “new guy” convinced them to go to a chinese restaurant for lunch. They were very uncomfortable with this exotic experience in their lives. nabisco, one of them is the one who brings in lambs. He sells fresh brown eggs from his free range chickens to us, for $2.00 a dozen.

Listen to me, they had never had chicken chow mein, moo goo gai pan, nothing, never had takeout chinese, any chinese, in their life, think about that, 50 years old, so white-bread, had never even eaten chinese in a strip mall before. Like, wow, man.

I am so turned on by bald Matt Damon I can hardly stand it. Oh my God, say the word “shitty cameraman” again for me Matt. Now take off your shirt and say it…

@Promnight: Like my Grandmother at Benihana, holding the napkin up under her chin so nothing flew onto her blouse.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: so nothing flew onto her blouse.

Like the splash-back from the bukkakke?

Now, now people – I’m talking noodles here. Sheesh.

@Promnight: I used cracked pepper under the skin of a Thanksgiving turkey almost 20 years ago for the white bread parents from Missouri of my then boyfriend and besides repeatedly asking me if I was “part Messican” or “part Jew,” my ex’s mother kept saying, “This turkey is the best I’ve ever had. It’s so [pause] ethnic and spicy

And I was just like “Furreal bitch? Pepper is ethnic and spicy?”

We broke up a couple months later, but that’s another story for another night.

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