Mike Lee is a Whiny Bitch


…and a bit of a douchenozzle as well, I’d have to say. Don’t you think, Benedick? Doesn’t “douchenozzle” apply here as well? I left the rulebook at home.

I’m not sure if either psychosis or sociopathy by themselves are the correct terms to describe Mike Lee’s rantings. I propose “sociosis.”

@rptrcub: Sociopath works just fine – red/purple states send imbeciles to Congress, and we are damaged thereby. We are doomed.

He’ll be the first guy whining for federal disaster relief when something bad happens in his state.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Douchenozzle about sums it up.

A terabyte of crap on a 50 gig drive.

Dear god but Mike Lee is a whiny retread. Sling him out back of the chicken house and let him deal with his own existential existence.

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