Bambi Meets Godzilla

Title: “Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom”

Author: Jennifer Holland

Rank: 68

Blurb: “Unlikely Friendships documents one heartwarming tale after another of animals who, with nothing else in common, bond in the most unexpected ways. A cat and a bird. A mare and a fawn. An elephant and a sheep. A snake and a hamster.”

Review: “I have to say that this may not be a book for sensitive children. One story is about a lioness who (unbelievably) adopts a baby Oryx, caring for it as if it were her own cub. As she is resting, weak with starvation from refusing to leave it, the Oryx wanders off, when a male lion ‘snatched it up’. She ‘sniffed the blood of her baby in the grass’ and helplessly watched the male ‘devour it’.”

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Footnote: Tell us the one about the scorpion and the frog.

Unlikely Friendships [Fuck Amazon]

Or the Canada City allegory about the Elephant (US America) and the Mouse (Canada City.)

It usually ends badly for the mouse.

Did they include Justices Ginsburg and Scalia?

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