How to Accept Responsibility #2: I Know Nothing

Part two of Harbottle and Lewis’s instructional video series to teach even the most regenerate Aussie yahoo how to address a parliamentary commission.

In case you dear sweet people are not aware, H&L did not only represent I, Benedick, before the bar at the Old Bailey (I was in a navy suit, club tie, very clean-cut, athletic, upstanding youth) against Her Majesty’s government but the firm also represents HRH herself.

Queen v Queen? [Independent UK]

I saw a video last night on a Led Zep documentary of the Queen meeting the original Yardbirds recently. Eric Clapton shaved and trimmed in a nice suit, etc.

Princess Margaret came to the Ancestral Homeland one time. My youngest brother and I, dismayed at the massive display of fawning, went fishing instead.

@redmanlaw: Best plan. Poor woman. They turned her into Paris Hilton.

Why did Her Majesty’s government throw you in the dock? Were you mocking the corgis?

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