Honey, Get Me Revile

CBN’s David Brody interviewed Sarah Palin “in the last few months”, and picked up this gem in passing:

I want the mainstream media — and I’ve said this for a couple years now — I want to help them.

I have a journalism degree. That is what I studied. I understand that this cornerstone of our democracy is a free press, is sound journalism. I want to help them build back their reputation.

Small world — we also have a degree in journalism! And our old-school professor would dock us a grade for every fact error, which suggests that Talibunny would have had a difficult time graduating.

Meanwhile, Stinquer RevZafod was checking out his local programming last night, and discovered that the Sarah Palin movie was already being dumped on the Interwebs.

Hold on. That’s a 1969 John Wayne oater. Never mind.

Palin: Journalists can learn from me [The Hill, via ThinkProgress]

I like the Clint Eastwood version.

“Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Pfft. The Reivers.

ADD: I hate, hate, HATE John Wayne.

So we are squaring off John Wayne and Sarah Palin versions?

Sounds like Cowboys and Aliens.

@libertarian tool: Fuck John Wayne.

The Grifters.

Some sorta theme is emerging. Maybe.

Makes perfect sense – after all, anybody who’s confused enough about the meaning of words that “verbatim quote” equals “personal attack” wouldn’t have any difficulty confusing “want to help” with “spend 2 years training my drooling redneck fanbase to hate”…

Sarah’s gonna be a grandmama again. Funny thing, chick looks a wee bit more than 2 months along. But, y’know, everyone saves themselves for mawwaige.

grifters is pseudo-noir with Angelica Huston. I thought overrated but that’s just me.

You might try to see Wayne in They Were Expendable, John Ford’s superb WWII propaganda movie raised to something very fine indeed. Final scene takes some beating.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I like Cusack. Even in that predictable Identity thing. The incestuous part of Grifters was, uh, yeah. That made the movie. I wish they’d spent more time on his training and his relationship with his mother than the stupid long con crap.

I refuse to watch ole racist John Wayne.

Never seen Eastwood’s Unforgiven, but Huston’s The Unforgiven (with my fave, Audrey Hepburn) is pretty good.

@mellbell: I haven’t seen Huston’s, and I watched Eastwood’s with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.

I recommend it. It’s one of my favorite Westerns of all time.

@redmanlaw: Isn’t it? It’s realized with such artistry. Plus all the location stuff. My fave John Ford movie is How Green Was My Valley.

@JNOV: “Er. That was a movie?”

Ummm… yes… but not past tense – it’s present and/or future tense. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig and it opens July 29th. I cannot turn on the TV without seeing an ad or someone on the talk circuit promoting the movie. I am marking it in my calendar with the notation “Remember to avoid this movie.”

@JNOV: Taaaahd and the Grifter eloped August 29, 1988, Track was born April 20, 1989. You do the math.

@libertarian tool: Sometimes I miss TV. Most times, I don’t.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Some people just can’t keep it in their pants. PRAY, people!

@ManchuCandidate: best 3 westerns of all time:
the outlaw josey wales
pat garrett and billie the kid
the long riders
any other suggestions?

I second Josey Wales
LOVE Tombstone (minus that China Beach chick)
Little Big Man
3:10 to Yuma
The Yul Brenner animatronic bang bang shoot up the tourists movie

Oh, and High Plains Drifter — every town should be painted red.

ADD: Does No Country for Old Men count? I love that movie.

High Noon
Magnificent Seven (Yes, I know about the Seven Samurai, but it fits.)

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