Measure for Measure


This is from Fox? I’m not firm in believing it.

I’m going to need measurements, pictures and phone numbers.

So that’s where Homofascist has been.

Anybody else notice the job approval poll showing 73.4% of the respondents disapprove of Congress, compared to 47.3% who disapprove of Obama? If these numbers are on a Fox News website, I suspect these are the most GOP-friendly figures they could find. This doesn’t look good for the Teabaggers next year.

@Mistress Cynica: It’s a dirty, dirty, DIRTY job. But someone has to do them. I mean it.

@homofascist: We know you just did it for science, darling.

I see. Accounts of catastrophe’s in the UK, fascinating observations on American culture, geek facts, etc – Nothing.

But bring out a penis and HF’s all over it.

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