Gay Bomb Hits Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls town council today announced an ambitious plan to snag some of the upcoming wedding bonanza by turning the falls gay-for-pay. (This is the American side: the Canadian side hasn’t come out yet.) Unfortunately, as is obvious from the picture, no gay man was actually involved in designing the transformation.

When asked for his opinion, gay spokesperson Bruce Boner said, “Eww! I’m gay. Not Italian.”


It might be the fabulous shot in the arm Niagara Falls NY needs because that is one sad drag gray city. I always find it a sudden change crossing the border there.

BTW the most of the motels, tackiness, ugliness and tastelessness are on the Canada City side…

I know plenty of Eyetalians and more than a few gays. This comment was do dead-on I had to wipe the tears away from laughing so hard.

Rename it Viagra Rises and then we’ll talk.

Is Bruce Boner related to Dick O’Steele?

@Dodgerblue: They’re contestants in a plate smashing competition.

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