Let’s Play “Guess the author.”

Christianity Today recently interviewed a well known conservative personality and author about her personal views and her latest book. Can you guess who this person is, based solely on the following exchange?

Cristianity Today: In your book, you described premarital sex as a sin. Do you worry that by calling it a sin, it might distract non-Christians?

Mystery Author: You know, it might, but for me I do think of it as a sin. And, if that distracts other readers then I’m sorry, but that’s what I believe.

Is the author in question:

A) Dr. Laura Schelssinger
B) Bristol Palin
C) Ann Coulter
D) Christine O’Donnell

Click the “Read more” link to see the answer.


 If your answer was B, Bristol Palin, then congratulations! You win the “spot the howling right-wing hypocrite” of the day award.

And oh yeah, if you can stomach reading the whole article, the above is quite possibly the least ridiculous exchange in the piece.

(Christianity Today, Via Sully)


Considering the “awesomeness” of her mommy’s “documentary of mockery” this might be the last chance we get for a while…

Definitely didn’t fall far from the Talibunny tree.

did anybody see don rickles making fun of bristol on leno last night? too bad he couldn’t do his hardcore insulting vegas routine on her. bristols main problem is she has only half of sarahs brain. you know, 1/2 x 0 still equals 0. i grew up in a place called bristol, tennessee. it’s a good place to live. they gotta a sign saying so.
hopefully the palins won’t spoil it by grifting there

My face when I read this article: (╬╬╬╬╬ ಠ益ಠ)

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