Neiman Marcus Road Trip!

“Sarah Palin’s political action committee raised over $1.6 million in the first half of 2011, according to a report set to be released Thursday. She now has approximately $1.4 million cash on hand despite having spent almost $1.6 million over the same period, according to Sarah PAC. But the funds raised cannot be used for a potential run for the White House in 2012.” [CNN]


Perhaps it is high time to start Stinque-PAC!

Beauty’s truth,
Truth beauty.
Gabriel blow your
root toot tooty.

I would like to start a PAC. I could use some infinite money right about now.

@ManchuCandidate: @JNOVjr: If we do a Stinque-PAC, I want it to go to the JNOVjr College Fund.

@SanFranLefty: @ManchuCandidate: D’awww, youse guise. Good news: Grandmother payed my the first installment of my tuition, so I’m not going to lose my classes anytime soon! Still looking for work, though.

@JNOVjr: Our firm receptionist’s daughter is home from college and also can’t find a summer job, but she’s been getting calls for work as a movie extra. The Sarah Palin movie was here and some detective movie has been shooting all summer. Johnny Depp was at the fancy hotel across the street from my office a couple of weeks ago.

@JNOVjr: look up mortgage brokers in your area. call around. some if not many will use internet lead sources. those leads have to be called immediately when the customer completes the application on line in order to beat the competition. most loan officers can’t call immediately because they’re too busy putting out fires and jumping through hoops on loans in process. so tell the company owner you will call those leads immediately and keep that customer from shopping with the competition and then turn the lead over to a loan officer. you don’t need a license as long as you do not pull credit and do not discuss rates and terms. i have a lady doing just that for me now and i am getting 5-7 more applications a day now making my future so bright, i’m gonna need a new pair of high dollar sunglasses. tell whoever you interview with all this i just mentioned. act like you know what you are doing and you’ll be given a desk, a telephone and a stack of leads. tell them you want to call all the old leads they have as well. there will be hundreds laying around somewhere in any mortgage office. make sure you get an hourly rate, a couple of bucks for each application you take and a cut when the loan closes. treat those loan officers right by giving them leads that they can close and they too will pay you. mortgage activity is increasing now believe it or not so you will find work. don’t wait for work to come to you, go out and get it. tell whoever you interview with you will increase their volume. stress that. be confident. if whoever you interview with seems uninterested tell him/her to take a stack of leads, split that stack between you and him/her and let’s see who gets more applications the fastest. even if you lose, you’ll still get the job. the best hours to call are 5pm to 9pm m-f and 9am to 3pm saturday. anybody else looking for work and pay needs to do the same. i promise you it will pay off.

@jwmcsame: Written after your 80th cup of coffee today?

@redmanlaw: second diet mtn dew. before you accuse me of having a low caffeine tolerance, understand i gotta new outlook on things now. i’m tired of losing and have been drudging up memories of how i was when i was confident and made shit happen. all you gotta do is challenge yourself and refuse to lose. and stay pissed off of course. i got no other choice. the trees and the roof are falling on me these days. i intend to fight back.

@jwmcsame: Be hardcore and burn your own path through life.

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