The End of the World.

Hugh Grant tackles a weasel on the Beeb and shows why grammar school boys (weasel) can never win when confronted with public school boys who were once jolly good at cricket (Grant).

The scandal is now off and running. Grant makes some very serious allegations. That noise you hear is the sound of pols distancing themselves from Murdoch.

The question remains: what will HRH now read over cornflakes of a Sunday?

Hugh Grant: How I exposed hacking [BBC]

Hugh Grant revisits his role in News of the World’s demise [LAT]


I’m kind of wondering if Faux Newz ran a similar op here which might explain the spinelessness of the Demrats as a group.

@ManchuCandidate: Short of that, we may be due for some stateside fun: Claims that Rupert also tried to hack 9/11 victims.

This still involves NotW, and not, say, Fox. But if the claims cash out, no telling what the repercussions might be.

@nojo: The Gray Lady is LOVING.THIS.SHIT.

I thought perhaps an appropriate metatext for today would be -30-, but that would imply that there was actual journalism involved.

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