Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, Presto III

Pretty much played ‘a tempo’ … this is close to ideal:


LOL, Blogenfreude, looks like you and Krugman are on the same wavelength right now:

Written on spec for brandenburg who didn’t like so put in a drawer and never played in JSB’s lifetime? Yes/no?

So thanks, you made me cry, I hope you’re happy.

What a beautiful thing. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. When Mozart came across copies of his music he said, “Here at last is someone I can learn from.”

Good to hear this perf. We’ve almost forgotten what paintings look like hanging on the wall of a room of a house in which people live. And we’ve forgotten what music like this sounds like in a room played by regular people. Or what unamplified voices sound like in a theatre. I was never so thrilled as when I was hanging out in the Peterskirche in Vienna and the organist started up the toccata and fugue D minor.

Oh wait, my high horse just arrived. Let me go out and climb on him.

Pop quiz: when JSB wrote this loveliness (his wife trying to keep the kids at least reasonably quiet while papa worked, till he called her in, “Listen to this.” And she sits on the edge of a chair worrying about her laundry boiling in a copper outside so she says, “Did he pay you for this?” and he replies, “All you think about is money.” Which led to a fight which ended with her in tears feeling put upon and him stalking out till he cooled off and came home with a nice piece of liver because he knows how much she likes it.) who was emperor? Did he raise the debt ceiling? Who was speaker of the house?

Alright (that is correct spelling in Limeyland) when Ada was published who was president? Who was Sec of State? We know a war was in progress – we are Americans after all – but which one?

Alright, easier, who was president when Take the A Train was first performed? When Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (such a gorgeous construction totally fucked by Kazan. That was his real crime, not naming names.) opened did we have a UN?

You see where I’m going with this?

@Benedick HRH KFC: I’m guessing (a) Hoover/ early FDR admin; (B) Eisenhower; (c) no fucking clue.

Off to make another Cafe Americano and make a little money before rocking out at Montańo’s Sand and Gravel later this AM.

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