Betty Ford, 1918-2011

Former first lady Betty Ford dies at the age of 93 [CNN]

Not much to see here, but when Nancy Reagan dies we will have to endure another RR funeral fortnight of coverage.

A great lady. Imagine a Republican political spouse today supporting the Equal Rights Amendment and abortion rights. Not to mention that no one ever talked about breast cancer, women didn’t get regular breast exams, before she announced her diagnosis. RIP, Betty.

@blogenfreude: Nancy Regan will not die. She will acend to heaven with ZhaZha Gabor in row.

Then there was the /makes drinking motion:

“I liked alcohol,” she wrote in her 1987 memoir. “It made me feel warm. And I loved pills. They took away my tension and my pain”.

@Mistress Cynica: That’s for sure. She was a relic from back when Republicans were, for the most part, still sane.

Then the Goldwater/JBS/Religious Right wing of the party seized control with the ascendency of Reagan. We’ve been circling the drain ever since.

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