Revolutionary Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

In which we present a colloquy between Wee George Stephanopoulos and Michele Bachmann, who is Not a Flake.

Stephanopoulos: Earlier this year you said that the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence worked tirelessly to end slavery. Now with respect Congresswoman, that’s just not true. Many of them including Jefferson and Washington were actually slave holders and slavery didn’t end until the Civil War…

Bachmann: Well if you look at one of our Founding Fathers, John Quincy Adams, that’s absolutely true. He was a very young boy when he was with his father serving essentially as his father’s secretary. He tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact one day eradicate slavery…

Stephanopoulos: He wasn’t one of the Founding Fathers — he was a president, he was a Secretary of State, he was a member of Congress, you’re right he did work to end slavery decades later. But so you are standing by this comment that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery?

Bachmann: Well, John Quincy Adams most certainly was a part of the Revolutionary War era. He was a young boy but he was actively involved.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed, John Quincy Adams was 9.

John Quincy Adams a Founding Father? Michele Bachmann Says Yes [ABC]

But does she have an army of acolytes like Talibunny who will go on Wikipedia and attempt to change historical entries?

Ooh, another copyright violation! Fear the Mousestapo, Nojo, they are real….

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: But it’s illustrating an ABC post! Think of the synergy!

@nojo: Make sure to pass along the C&D, when it arrives. I want to see if the entire thing is in Waltograph.

@flippin eck: Years ago, I received a letter from Matt Groening in response to a story I was working on. It was printed in his cartoon-handwriting font.

This would be 1993 or so — I was very impressed. And more than a little jealous.

@flippin eck: OMG, I could spend waaaaay too much time on that website.
/font geek

@SanFranLefty: But does she have an army of acolytes like Talibunny who will go on Wikipedia and attempt to change historical entries?


One edit, for example, changes his description from “John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States” to “John Quincy Adams, a founding father, was the sixth President of the United States.”

Best edit: “But even as an embryo, John Quincy Adams could feel pain and was a Founding Father.”

That boy looks like he’s heading over to the Pines for some summer fun.

@flippin eck: What a disappointment. Jamie Sommers, Esq. doesn’t look nearly as good in Waltfont as I had hoped.

i meant to comment on the john wayne allegation yesterday, but michelle made this even more meaningful seeing how john adams wasn’t really where she said he was. drive by truckers, the sands of iwo jima (as you will hear, a real iwo jima vet never saw john wayne on the sands of iwo jima. he wasn’t talking about the movie):

i too had a great uncle who was on the sands of iwo jima and in the jungles of guadalcanal. he told me about guadalcanal one night some 50 years after he was wounded there. the next morning my aunt said he had never told anyone about guadalcanal until then. would not talk about it. she was very surprised he opened up to me. he never told anyone about iwo jima. i did not know he was even there until his funeral. my great uncle grew up on a self-sufficient farm in middle tennessee. he was a high school drop out, wounded war veteran who came home and carried the mail on foot until he retired. he was a yellow dog democrat who worshiped FDR and the federal government. he severely scolded me once for running down the feds, explaining to me about the depression and what had to be done to make things right then. he died before there were teabaggers, palins, and bachmans. lucky for them, i reckon, as they never seem to get history or tales of valor correct. it seems that folks that really did what had to be done never cared to speak about it because they didn’t want to relive the horror. the chickenhawks though never seem to tire of the tough talk. but that does figure.

@jwmcsame: I work in a building that would not exist or be as lovely as it is were it not for The New Deal. I also learned that the civil war museum up the hill tends to draw cosplay confederates and an occasional union dude. Upon learning this information, I was like, “Um, what side were we on”? I received withering glares.

I forget how large this commonwealth is and that we share borders with MD, DE, NJ, NY, OH, WV, I mean, we’re Southern and Midwestern and Canadian and Mid-Atlantic and just plain odd in an interesting way.

Anyway, Victor and Thomas sing John Wayne’s Teeth.

@jwmcsame: Goodnight Darkness is a harrowing memoir of the battle for Guadacanal by William Manchester. I also highly recommend Death of a President by him. Jackie comes off as being very strong

@JNOV: What are the Victor and Thomas clips from? Is it a movie? I can’t find anything with the Google.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Yah. Smoke Signals. It’s based on a collection of short stories (The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven) by Sherman Alexie. Adam Beach (who I think is still sucking pretty fucking hard on L&O) is Victor. It’s an incredible movie. Thomas is a story teller (he’s basically Alexie), and there are some fucking hilarious and extremely touching scenes in this movie. Did you ever watch Northern Exposure? You’ll see a regular character from that TV show in this movie. I highly recommend the book. It’s a quick read. Oh, and this is my favorite song (no more spoiler alert — I changed the video) from the movie.

@JNOV: It’s a contest now — will I get to the library first or will I get the DVD sitting on my desk back to Netflix so they ship Smoke Signals?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Both! The book and movie are different enough that they are equally enjoyable. I think I saw the movie first and then fell in love with Alexie, although I didn’t like The Business of Fancydancing so much.

@redmanlaw: i’ve read american caesar. i’ll check out goodnight darkness. macarthur, that right wing darling second only to old (other peoples) blood and guts, socialized japan up real good after ww2. so much so that manchester should have titled his book douglas macarthur, american czar instead. funny how the teapublican’ts two biggest ww2 heros are macarthur and patton and not eisenhower who was the real bad ass of the three. when ike finally gave the go ahead for d-day after numerous weather delays, he next penned a letter to FDR offering up his resignation and taking full blame for any failure that may have resulted had the d-day invasion failed. that’s how a real leader leads. the other two worried more about their places in history and what glory they could gain. figures who the teapublican’ts would favor. musta been somethin’ ’bout that paranoid unfounded fear of the military industrial complex and those oilmen from texas.

@JNOV: east tennessee is nothing but the new deal, tva, and oak ridge. without federal money, east tennessee would make west virginia look like manhattan. yet we got more teabaggers per capita than anywhere else. east tennessee was staunch union during the civil war, yet the sons of losers (the confederacy) show up once a year at some 160 year old house still riddled with union bullet and artillery holes and celebrate all that proud southern heritage which is of course nothing but slavery and a whole lotta poor white folks dieing for a few rich white folks. so as you can see, we gotta a bunch of people that couldn’t get farther from the truth in their alleged understanding of history and the federal governments role. that makes for some interesting arguments round here. fact based logic against unyielding and never wavering mythical illogic. bachman and palin enjoy much support. our company’s health insurance agent drives a pickup truck with a home made palin sticker on the back bumper. he scraped off the mccain part of the mccain/palin 2008 sticker. how good do you think our health insurance is?

@jwmcsame: I once spotted a car with a series of Dem bumper stickers (dating back to Clinton-Gore), and Lieberman had been scraped off Gore-Lieberman. Wonder if the owner has since scraped off Edwards? I certainly would. I feel a little icky just having shaken his hand in 2004.

@mellbell: my hand still feels icky from pulling the lever to vote for edwards in 2004 too. are you folks allowed to declare your party alleged allegiance at the polls and vote in either (but not both) primary in your states? we still can in tennessee, so i plan on declaring myself republican in the primary. i can’t decide on who to vote for. it will definitely be palin if she runs. i’m thinking about declaring very loudly for all to hear at the table i have to go before they let me in the booth that i am a TEA BY GOD BAGGER!!! just to see how every one else reacts. i think i ‘ll carry a sign with every word mispelled. i can’t decide what to wear though. i need to maximize the shock value. any suggestions?

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