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We spent ten hours Tuesday on the geek equivalent of disassembling and reassembling a lawnmower engine. This is what it felt like by Hour 6.

[via Nerdist]

One views something like this slightly differently after watching two straight seasons of Dexter.

Yes, but what does it do?

Oh and plus, can I get the music on iTunes? I can’t get that tune out of my head.

@Nabisco: a friend here at work told me about dexter. i never watched it at first because the ads for it on showtime made it sound like dexter was the serial killer, which i guess he is. but of course like all communication in america, the true message is always garbled and rarely transmitted as necessary. so i didn’t know what the real deal was. i didn’t know dexter was a crusader against serial killers until my friend explained it to me the other day. i would’ve been watching all along had i known. i saw as much of my first episode last night as the rain and high winds here permitted. john lithgow is trinity, i assume. did he kill the carradine brother and his girlfriend or what ever the relationship is/was? what role does the guy that seems to know what dexter is up to play? boss, father, mentor, co-conspirator? please fill me in. i’ll be watching more.

All that time and money spent on therapy to overcome the fear of losing my fingers in the paper shredder… wasted.

@jwmcsame: No, no, no, don’t have peeps explain it to you, it all becomes clear.

It is a pretty good show, I think, but I’m not sure much longer they can keep it going. Already, in the first four seasons, I felt like they were repeating themselves. But I was greatly heartened by the “surprise” death in the final episode of the last season available on Netflix. I wanted to kill that particular character myself.

Is the 5th season already on TV or does it not start till the fall?

Nojo, you really must go to the Source!
Plus they have swag.

These are staple technology in municipal wastewater treatment systems.

@jwmcsame: I think the first rule of Dexter fandom should be “don’t talk about Dexter plot lines”. KM has already got me thinking too much about the season-ending kill in #4.

But as she suggests, don’t try and tease out too much meaning, just go with it.

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