None of Our Business

Desperate for a break from the Shlongathon — Did anything happen yesterday? Yes. Yes it did. — Lefties have decided to make an example of Eric Bolling of Fox Business Network, who—

Hold on. Show of hands: Who here knows who Eric Bolling is? Uh-huh. And who has seen Fox Business? Mmmmkay. And who has even heard of Fox Business? Right.

Let’s back up. You might know that Fox Business is Rupert’s answer to CNBC. You might also know that Fox Business has only recently published its Nielsen ratings.

But here’s what you probably don’t know: The audience for Fox Business numbers in the strong mid-five figures.

As in: 64,000 people.

Even in the world of cable ratings, where a million viewers is a runaway hit, that sucks. That sucks so bad, to even give it notice is to provide a much larger audience than it can achieve on its own.

Why is why we don’t give a shit what nasty racist thing Eric Bolling said. When you can comfortably seat your audience inside Candlestick Park, you just don’t matter.

Fox Business host’s Obama White ‘Hizzouse’ commentary sparks more racism charges [Yahoo]

Shouldn’t the caring wise invisible hand snuff out Faux Bidniz like so many poor people?

After all, jobs are for closers not leaches.

I do investigate cable TV when I travel and noticed FBN like once or twice. It was boring without the cackling psychopaths you get on Fox News calling for the Kenyan Interloper to be dragged to the gallows every few minutes.

Wasn’t that Rick somethingorother on Fox Business when he made that remark that lead to the formation of the Tea Party? Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Do I?

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