Plato’s Sympurrsium

Wait… wait… wait… Goooooooooooallll!!!

[via Sully]

WTF! Yapping about holy shit and then turning off ceiling cat?

This cat is going to replace the photobomb squirrel.

Obviously the cat has an aristotelian point to argue.

@matador1015: Or the cat represents Alexander the Great, who’s wondering what the hell Aristotle is talking about.

@nojo: Yes. Like Alexander, kitty is only thinking of world domination.

@matador1015: Cats are clearly not platonists. They may be aristotelians but I think the term pragmatist is a better fit. Which reminds me of my favorite story concerning John Dewey.
He was cogitating in his study one day when he perceived water dripping from the ceiling. He went upstairs to the bathroom where his small son was struggling to cope with an overflowing bathtub. As soon as Dewey senior entered the room, his son said, “Don’t argue, John. Get the mop.”

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