Jesus is My Co-Chair

[New York]

Intelligent designer or world’s cruelest joker?

Love this quote from Cain:

Cain told the crowd about his battle with cancer in 2006, saying he’s been “totally cancer free” for the past five years.

“You want to know why? God said, ‘Not yet Herman,'” Cain told the crowd. “God said, ‘Not yet. I’ve got something else for you to do.’ And it might be to become the president of the United States of America.”

Funny, I thought it was the aggressive surgery and chemotherapy. I guess the “make lemonade – it’s GAWDS WILL” plan for dealing with the unexpected only applies to ladybits.

This new kind of campaign has me convinced that Gingrich truly is a Washington outsider and not a member of the Beltway Bubble.

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