It Never Gets Old


Having had my weiner probed I can assure Stinque it ain’t much fun. (Though there are some who are, as they say, into it. *cough*Andrew Sullivan*cough*) As the urologist inserted the weiner camera up my weiner I asked him if this counted as a date. The nice man had the grace to laugh like he’d never heard that before. And no, I did not get flowers.

I bring up this analogy in the house spirit of overshare. Weiner must be feeling pretty reamed by now. Though I would still like to address the issue of grey boxer briefs. If, in a spirit of devil-may-care WTF, he is going to tweet images of his package to girls who are young enough to be his daughter I’d suggest a few ideas for next time: detail; we need detail; we can’t even see the circumcision scar or helmet head. That is not going to impress teh ladeez. Next time might I suggest showering in a pair of tighty-whities then photographing the result. He might even consider letting the tip make a guest appearance above the waist band. An even better result can be achieved with a wrestling singlet and sweat but that might take some explaining to wifey. Just saying.

Welcome to our latest Twitter follower!

Timothy Burns lives in the Heartland, writing to influence national culture. Socially conservative, culturally relevant, well researched, biblical world view.

Should I tweet him a crotch shot in greetings?

@nojo: You want me to send a pic? I am steelmuscl9in.

I have with assless chaps and without.

All of this weiner talk has put a ad where once there were ads for luxury decor and Christian dating sites. And Lady GaGa has taken over the Amazon ad.

We must confuse the hell out of the adbots.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I have a menswear ad, but the guy is wearing a suit.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I have a solar-powered air purifier ad coming up. I blame our favorite tree-hugger Dodgerblue.

Well, I have my money on a cabal of sub-editors who were bored out of their minds and decided to get a good name to make headlines out of.

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