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Black Conservative Ken Blackwell, of the American Family Association wants you to know that pressing Israel to make peace with the Palestinians would be one of the great crimes in history, like Stalin blockading West Berlin, Hitler Invading Poland, or Lincoln dealing a death knell to the Confederacy at the Battle of Vicksburg:

Cutting Israel in half will be fatal.

When the town of Vicksburg fell in 1863, President Lincoln knew it was the death knell of the Confederacy. “The father of waters flows unvexed to the sea,” Lincoln said, poetically describing the Union’s new control over the length of the Mississippi River.

Contiguous, or contiguity, the noun. That’s what the Confederates lost at Vicksburg. Their new nation was cut in two. It withered and died.

So this is the dance a black man has to dance in order to favor with the Teabaggers, eh, Ken?


Oh you (Ken Blackwell) silly US Americans and your well known ignorance of geography.

Never change.

The borders of Israel in 1967 were continuous. If anyone’s got a point to bitch about being split and limited/no access to the sea… that’s Palestine.

He was, as some might recall, Ohio’s Secretary of State during the 2004 election. Nothing he says or does now will ever top that disgrace.


Exactly; the only way he could pander any harder to the neo-Confederates now would be to lynch *himself* for “being uppity”. Anything else just doesn’t surprise…

Didn’t take long to get into Blazing Saddles territory, did it?

a guy who called himself skeptical brotha posted “michael steele, fugitive slave” after steele criticized rush limbaugh and then backtracked a few years ago. i tried to post the link here the other day, but it wouldn’t work. if you want to see something very funny, google up michael steele fugitve slave. i thought it was very funny then, still do. and i do apologize if that offends any one as it did to a friend of mine when it first came out. read the comments as well, they are equally funny

@matador1015: I know what that is without even clicking on it. Classic.

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