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There are some Very Important Things happening this afternoon, which we’re choosing to ignore in favor of this:

Electoral Consequences of the Rapture

Yes, Public Policy Polling went there:

First off — no one really believed the Rapture was going to happen last weekend, or at least they won’t admit it. Just 2% of voters say they thought that was coming on Saturday to 98% who say they did not. It’s really close to impossible to ask a question on a poll that only 2% of people say yes to. A national poll we did in September 2009 found that 10% of voters thought Barack Obama was the Anti-Christ, or at least said they thought so.

Want more? You got it!

11% of voters though think the Rapture will occur in their lifetimes, even if it didn’t happen last weekend. 66% think it will not happen and 23% are unsure.

And, well, we just can’t help ourself:

Palin is the only person we tested on this poll who is actually popular with people who think the Rapture is going to happen.

Finally, the punchline: 44 percent of voters think Barack Obama would be raptured — compared to only 35 percent who think the Lord would Hoover Sarah Palin.

Electoral Consequences of the Rapture [Public Policy Polling]

Bet they didn’t bother to ask whether Palin is the antichrist. She’s certainly doing her part to make this country a living hell.

@karen marie: And she’s fueling the Viagra market.

OK I just gagged.

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