Honk If You Love Theocracy

Say, what’s that on the back of Sarah Palin’s new bus?

Join the “Fundamental Restoration of America!”

Mmmmkay. We’re not even bothering to pretend, are we?

Getting ready for the tour [SarahPAC, via @pourmecoffee]

Palin’s “Exploratory” Campaign: A Nationwide Bus Tour [RealClearPolitics]


Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Grifter! ;)

A national sniff my fingers tour, leveraging the presidential elections for grift and book sales.

The Talibunny explores whole new frontiers in epic cynical opportunism.

You could not sell this as a movie plot, it is so fantastic.

Or a sniff my bike seat tour. . .

I can see it, now.

Talibunny alights from the bus, beaming with the light of the diabolically evil and conscienceless.

An assistant hands her a bicycle seat set upon a chromed mounting stalk. Talibunny smiles knowingly, and extends the seat for her acolytes to sniff, admitting it was her bike seat from when she was a teenager, when she wasn’t always rigorous about showering after basketball practice session.

Men line up, hand the assistant $50, sniff and swoon, some folding into their own knees to be dragged away by still other assistants who pickpocket them when the cameras are turned away.

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