Phrenology in Modern Life

[USA Today]

I’m confused. What does this have to do with Johnny Earle?

Recent studies have also suggested that men who go to museums and concerts are happier, and that atheists have better sex lives. Thus, male atheists who love art and music fuck like bunnies.

I can hear this Sunday’s sermons.

See, the brainiacs HATE JESUS! Never trust anyone who has taken the SATs, much less scored higher than 100 on them, for it is only the damned and the diabolical who want to go to college! Everything you need to know is in this book and in my pants!

Sociologists of religion, meanwhile, aren’t buying it. They say the researchers’ theory flies in the face of U.S. religious demographics. While it’s true that evangelicals are a minority, they’re a sizable one — 40% of the U.S. population, according to Gallup Polls — and not exactly a stressed-out minority, especially in the South.

These conveniently-uncited “sociologists” need to get out more – most Southern Evangelicals I’ve encountered have been *terribly* stressed out, given that they’ve been swallowing 2000% of the recommended dose of persecution paranoia from Faux Nooz. I mean, between the Brown Menace and the Anchor Babies, the evil Mooslems behind every rock, the gheyz ready to pounce and destroy marriage, the War on Christmas (and Easter), HCR getting rid of Jeebus – how can they *not* be stressed out? ;)

@Dodgerblue: “Fuck like DOGS, not bunnies. DOGS!” ~Weeds

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